Terms of engagement


Hello there readers/viewers/citizens. 

As you may have guessed, I am Jack Brindelli – and this is my brand spanking old blog. As those who know me will tell you, I’ve been writing about films, politics and culture for a long time in a variety of different places – but only now have I finally decided to gather all of it into one place (even the stuff that isn’t particularly good). As a result, today I will be posting a great deal of content with minimal effort.

This blog is not purely a review site, and it certainly wont be a gossip column. By ‘looking between the frames’, the tagline here means exposing and examining the preconceptions, norms and ideology in the film industry, and how that effects the content that millions of people know and love – the movies themselves.

This blog will always be open to guest contributions, and I will begin posting new content very soon, so you do have that to look forward to. For now, enjoy my greatest hits album of a blog.


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