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So I happened to glimpse the omni-shambles of One Direction’s Red Nose Day anthem “One Way or another (Teenage Kicks)”, and guess what I saw? Amid the soulless, tween-pop-on-tour, cringe-athon, one disreputable mug stood out. I couldn’t believe it – Britain’s very own thief-in-chief, Prime Minister David Cameron, stood smugging up a storm outside number 10, flanked as always by thickets (albeit thickets with full heads of hair on this occasion), in the name of Comic Relief.

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Auteuse Theory: a blog on women’s cinema

Auteuse Theory is a blog run by Eylem Atakav and Melanie Williams, two lecturers in Film and Television Studies at the University of East Anglia. Their aim is to encourage people to “think about and write about a range of films made by women, from silent re-discoveries to the latest releases, from activist documentaries to mainstream Hollywood features, taking in examples from across the globe, whether famous or obscure.”
In terms of varied, accessible, yet in-depth film analysis, it is a source I would definitely recommend following regularly. I am therefore quite proud to have had a guest post published there today about Mimi Chakarova’s documentary “The Price of Sex.”the-price-of-sex

For that and a great deal more, I suggest you check the blog out – for now though, here’s the intro of what I wrote…


The Price of Sex (Chakarova, 2011)

The opening of The Price of Sex hits you hard like a punch to the gut. 

“What were the first words [of English you learned]?”

“How much? With or without [condoms]?”

If that weren’t enough, the statistic that 1.5million women are trapped in this living hell follows. That’s an estimate – the actual figure is almost certainly higher. The order of these exposures makes an important statement too. We’re presented with human tragedy before we hear the figures; so from the start we’re invited to see statistics as millions of individual horror stories, rather than simply cold impersonal calculations. Before, the tales behind the numbers largely went unheard. Mimi Chakarova’s film changes that… [Read more here]


Beasts of England – Kett’s Head Article

Not film related but it is about radical politics, and I fancy spamming this all over the web just to annoy the remaining party loyalists.

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Congratulations to the esteemed Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party for your revolutionary victory in silencing dissent and evading justice over allegations of sexual assault and rape by a leading member. On a completely unrelated note, Jack Brindelli brings you a cautionary fairytale before bedtime. 

Around the country, beasts of all shapes and sizes crowded around glowing screens, their mouths gaping. Despite the months of censorship and bullying systematically directed at them, they had still, somehow, held out hope. Hope that Delta, the spring-heeled swine who had evaded due process for alleged sexual offences  could be held accountable by mass pressure; even if other members of the Porcine Committee (PC) had his back. But the horses, donkeys, calves and flocks of birds could only stare now, aghast at what confronted them in grim Arial typeface.

The simple message read “Lost 400 to 140” but simultaneously it said so much more…

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