Beasts of England – Kett’s Head Article

Not film related but it is about radical politics, and I fancy spamming this all over the web just to annoy the remaining party loyalists.

Kett's Head

Congratulations to the esteemed Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party for your revolutionary victory in silencing dissent and evading justice over allegations of sexual assault and rape by a leading member. On a completely unrelated note, Jack Brindelli brings you a cautionary fairytale before bedtime. 

Around the country, beasts of all shapes and sizes crowded around glowing screens, their mouths gaping. Despite the months of censorship and bullying systematically directed at them, they had still, somehow, held out hope. Hope that Delta, the spring-heeled swine who had evaded due process for alleged sexual offences  could be held accountable by mass pressure; even if other members of the Porcine Committee (PC) had his back. But the horses, donkeys, calves and flocks of birds could only stare now, aghast at what confronted them in grim Arial typeface.

The simple message read “Lost 400 to 140” but simultaneously it said so much more…

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