War Criminals as Super Heroes

As Iron Man 3 graces our screens, guest writer Nathan Coe, a Model Effects student from the University of Hertfordshire, examines the moral binary that makes Iron Man tick, and in this essay argues ‘mass murderer’ Tony Stark may even be the villain…  

Tony Stark - a "mass murderer"?

Tony Stark – a “mass murderer”?

Iron Man (2008), directed by Jon Favreau, is an action adventure film based upon a billionaire weapons manufacturer, Tony Stark and his transaction from man to the well renowned superhero Iron Man after having to build the suit to escape the imprisonment of his captures. It is this transaction from an “ordinary” man to the superhero that is the topic of this discussion and how it depicts a moral universe in this film. Continue reading

Oblivion: A Belated Review

Before a review begins, it is normally considered courteous to inform the reader that this article may contain spoilers. In the case of Oblivion, this is not necessary. It is so chock-a-block with clichés and borderline plagiarism, that you’ve actually already seen Tom Cruise’s latest outing before you’ve even smuggled drugs into the cinema to help you get through the next 2 hours. I mean… what?

Tom Cruise contemplates his lost youth off Cromer pier in "Independence Moon: Legacy"

Tom Cruise contemplates his lost youth off Cromer pier in “Independence Moon: Legacy”

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