Check out “Romero and Juliet” on the Norwich Film Festival blog!

So I wrote for the Norwich Film Festival about Warm Bodies, and why it ain’t half bad… I’m not going soft. You can check out the whole thing by clicking the linked extract below! Let me know what you reckon!

Warm Bodies is a film which until recently I somewhat snobbishly avoided. In defence, the trailer and release date seemed geared toward putting me off. It appeared to be a gimmicky, insufferably saccharine rom-com; something especially intolerable when you are single. However, let me be first to admit I was mistaken.

Adapting Isaac Marion’s novel of the same name, writer/director Jonathon Levine crafts a clever, almost feminist, satire of one of Hollywood’s most embarrassingly prevalent tropes. The manic pixie dream girl – a trope which in the modern world should be considered as out of date as the rotting flesh on a walking corpse – reduces the role of female characters to that of a prop. They are fictions, bereft of their own aspiration and agency. They are inventions geared purely toward teaching deep, soulful young men to re-evaluate and embrace life…

Seriously, I love how this film was so obviously trying to knife Stephenie Meyer’s misogynistic legacy!


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