The True Little Tramp Shortlisted at Tolpuddle!

Exciting news, comrades! Hollywood Hegemony’s film produced in co-operation with Norwich Stop the War Coalition, The True Little Tramp, has been nominated for Best Activist Film at the Small Axe Film Festival 2014.  Full listings are available in the linked text.

Our examination of Charlie Chaplin’s life and politics will go up against (in no particular order)

  • Reach   –   Voices that Shake! / Rainbow Collective
  • Just Me  –   Matthew Kennedy
  • Po Po   –   Migrant Media

in the Factual/Documentary category, with the winner being announced before 1pm on Sunday the 20th of July.



So, if any of you are in town, feel free to come and show your support – not to mention enjoy the rest of Tolpuddle – the festival which hosts Small Axe, and commemorates the Tolpuddle Martyrs, who were exiled for exercising their right to organise as a trade union.

For myself and all those involved in the making of TTLT, it is an honour to bring our little piece of radical history to a place of such historical significance for working people across the country.

Fingers crossed,
Jack Brindelli



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