Through the Looking Glass: Disney Princesses and Online Identity

This week internet freedom is once again a hot issue, with Theresa May announcing new powers for police to keep tabs on individual IP addresses for the sake of ‘national security’. Dr Paul Bernal is a Law lecturer at the University of East Anglia, and whilst specialising in internet privacy, also knows his subject can seem a little dry to us laypeople. Fortunately he also knows his Snow White from his Cinderella. Adapted from his well-received presentation on the same subject (also posted below), here is an article originally published on his blog explaining privacy issues through the medium of Disney Princesses. It is nothing short of spectacular…

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Witches and Bitches to be screened by the Norfolk People’s Assembly

Come one and all for an alternative evening of festive fear on the 12th of December in Norwich. Hollywood Hegemony’s Witches and Bitches will be screened, along with  The Nightmare Before Christmas – which will be receiving it’s own Jack Brindelli analysis. We also plan to announce the HH fundraiser at the event – so don’t miss out!


Happy Anniversary

Two years. I feel old. But we enter our third year here at Hollywood Hegemony with exciting news! Not only have we entered the 21st century by joining Twitter (#followushere) but our film “Witches and Bitches” will be screening at the Forum on the 12th of December at 7pm – more to follow – AND we’re on the brink of launching a kickstarter type thing to shift this project into a regular and polished site filled with interesting contributions. So stay tuned.


We’ll also be redesigning the site after we purchase the domain soon.

Hegemony Incarnate: Why you can’t get rid of the Babadook

Why is it that we react with such withering contempt to our children when they see monsters? Is it because we really know better than them, or is it, really, because the assurances we give ourselves every day that things are “fine” are a bigger fiction than the shadows under the bed? In director/writer Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook (2014) we’re asked some deeply disturbing questions that will leave you checking over your shoulder long after the credits have rolled… 

But what if he already is…

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The Walking Dead

In an article originally published on his own blog, Alex Hort-Francis examines the politics of The Walking Dead, and considers why, even in a post-apocalyptic society, we find it so hard to imagine a world without capitalism…


The author is a PDS suffer himself, and a keen advocate for undead rights…

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