Fundraiser 2015

It’s a whole new year and we have an exciting announcement! Change is coming to Hollywood Hegemony – but we need your help to do it. Our appeal for funds lasts until next month, please give generously! There’s a whole host of special prizes for those who do! For more information, and links to the fundraising page, please see below.

Established in 2012, Hollywood Hegemony is a film and culture blog of a different kind. We are devoted first and foremost to the radical political analysis of films and their ideologies. We review, analyse and critique anything and everything, from amateur short films to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters – there is no subject too big or too small for us. That’s because, central to our project is our commitment to “Reading between the frames to give you the bigger picture.” In 2015 we will begin an exciting expansion of our operations, bringing in new writers, film enthusiasts and film makers – and take the project to the next level.


In order to continue producing high-quality content, we need funds for a variety of things though – which you can contribute to here. Most obviously, we need money to help enter the films we have already produced in film festivals, which does not come cheap. Neither does keeping equipment up to scratch, which last year cost over £600 – a cost the project still hasn’t fully recovered from, and will bring us to a close without action.

We also intend to start sponsoring a team to write posts in order to keep our blog’s turnover high and regularly visited. One sponsored article a month at £30 a piece comes out at £360 for a year of writing. This should help us build readership to the point where we can at least help cover costs through ad revenue – but in order to do that we need to buy our own domain name rather than remaining a “.wordpress”, which will cost a further £65, on top of the fees due to the web-designer who will overhaul our page to give it a more professional appearance.

If we don’t reach the entire goal, then the priority will be film festival entries and equipment costs – along with a new series of short video reviews and debates regarding film, beginning in February 2015.


For certain amounts of sponsorship, you could be rewarded with the following:

  • £1GBP
    Every little helps

    If you’re almost as broke as us and would like to help, even a token £1 would be gratefully received – and we’ll send you a personal thank you email.

    0 claimed

  • £5GBP
    Final Credits

    Your name will feature in the “Special Thanks” section of the credits to our next Hollywood Hegemony film, and in a permanent page on the website.

    0 claimed

  • £10GBP
    Colour me red

    A personalised drawing in the style of those featured in The True Little Tramp, Witches and Bitches and “A Perverts Guide to Robin Thicke” (the cartoon featured on the blog).

    0 claimed

  • £15GBP
    Prop me up

    Own your own piece of pea-soup-soaked memorabilia from one of our past productions. Props include Charlie Chaplin’s hat from The True Little Tramp, the ‘axe’ from Virtual Ideologies, the Bane mask from The Dark Knight Rises review, and Mama’s wig from Witches and Bitches.

    0 claimed

  • £25GBP
    Brought to you by…

    In the new year we will begin making short episodic video content to compliment our article and film output. For $25 you will get a special personal shout-out at the end of one of the episodes, in the way the letter Z might get thanks at the end of Sesame Street.

    0 out of 20 claimed

  • £50GBP
    Movie Star

    An on-screen cameo appearance in the next Hollywood Hegemony production.

    0 out of 12 claimed

The Impact

We have already had films selected for screening at festivals, including “Dawn of the Red” which was screened at the Anteros Horror festival in Norwich, and “The True Little Tramp”, which appeared at the Small Axe Radical festival, and “Making a Song and Dance”, which was featured on the Independent Arts Online, as well as getting thousands of views on YouTube.

Our films look to show people that films can be more than “simple entertainment”, and help educate people about political themes through an accessible medium that they enjoy and relate to.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you’re as skint as us and can’t afford to donate, but still wish to help then we would be greatly appreciative if you could share this appeal as widely as you can.
We are also always looking for new volunteer writers and film makers with exciting, challenging ideas. Contact us via all the mentioned methods on our website here if you have any skills you would like to contribute with.


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