Witching and Bitching at the General Election

As the women who have changed the face of this general election for the better face increasing heat, Jack Brindelli revisits our very own film Witches and Bitches.

So, the election debates have been turned on their head by three women promising to give radical anti-cuts politics at Westminster. Last night, the BBC played host to… nearly all the major players in this election, with David Cameron conspicuous in his absense, and Nick Clegg characteristic in his. But whilst Clegg was busy drunkenly texting threats to Miliband’s PA from a pub somewhere in Ecclesall (seriously, that happened), the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party were kicking arse and taking names against a suited male elite seemingly unwilling, as well as incapable, of defending itself. And for some reason there are now large swathes of men all over the internet’s perpetually jerking knee, Twitter, comparing Nicola Sturgeon, Natalie Bennett and Leanne Wood to certain pointy-hatted, broom-riding mythical beings…

@Broccoli_Brain, a poor soul whose capacity for rationality was presumably impaired by a freak gardening accident, wrote…

Meanwhile, @SteveTucker93 mashed his keyboard in what seemed to be the world’s lamest audition for the panel on Mock the Week…

Self-confessed drinker @bobrey2009 aimed some faux-outrage at one of the candidates who felt strongly enough to actually bother turning up…

And @GFYATES completely missed the point that a condition of an SNP coalition would surely be independence. Irony.

It’s all so very… 17th Century. As I addressed in the last Hollywood Hegemony film Witches and Bitches – women who present a real challenge to ruling class ideology are the wealthy patriarch’s worst nightmare. Therefore, it stands to reason that the group of women who represent a direct threat to the dominant ideas of an increasingly irrational and tyrannical status-quo would labelled as servants of the devil by said men.



But whilst the familiars of a truly devilish patriarchal capitalist elite might be gnashing their teeth and calling for the return of the ducking stool over at the MatthewHopkins.wordpress.com (that’s a hypothetical web-address, I hope), bemoaning the plight of the Union, they have dragged this election’s rhetoric far left of the Blairite sewer it seemed destined, at best, to occupy. They have voiced the concerns of millions across the country who are exploited, oppressed and demonised; people who have been ignored by the smug children of Thatcher who have governed us by consensus for two generations – and so I for one feel we should be embracing these supposed ‘witches’. Or at the very least awkwardly shaking their hands after they have embraced each other.enhanced-buzz-wide-17322-1429219380-19


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