Get excited, get involved

Hollywood Hegemony is approaching its fourth anniversary, and with the status of the project growing day by day, the time is finally right to try and expand. For the past three years, we have produced films and penned articles which have been viewed by thousands of people across the world (seriously, about a half of our readership comes from overseas); we’ve been featured at film festivals, local screenings, and on one occasion a national newspaper.


Over the first quarter of 2015, we have received more hits than we did in the entirety of last year – thanks in no small part to the contributions of exciting new writers to the project; but if we want to do more than simply tread water, we must work even harder to provide new writers and film-makers with an exciting platform to showcase their talent, and to supply readers with intriguing and insightful content to keep them glued to our page. In May, we will begin an expansion of our operations, as well as a restructuring of our editorial and technological apparatus.

That means expanding our editorial team from one to three, that means bringing in a website designer to revitalise and improve our page, and ultimately that means bringing in new writers, to work to regular schedules to increase Hollywood Hegemony’s reach and profile far beyond the hobby blog that it began as. That means we need you to help us take the project to the next level. As of today, Hollywood Hegemony will be taking submissions for all of the positions mentioned above.

Expect more details to follow regarding the application process – but for now, please contact Jack Brindelli with any queries at


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