A big announcement for us on the Norwich Radical site this week: a summary of the important parts is below, but to check out the full article click this linked text…

Hopefully you lot can do better than this…

Across the country, film festivals presenting amateurs an opportunity to shine have taken their locality by storm, from Liverpool to Bristol to Tolpuddle. As a son of Norwich, I don’t know why my city should be any different. This is a city of art, literature, creativity, and learning. There are film-makers everywhere ready to tell their stories of ordinary and extraordinary lives – some of whom probably don’t even realise they’ve got it in them yet – and without a platform locally beyond the extremely limited Norwich Film Festival, which is aimed mostly at providing polished national shorts with a slick marketing venue, these local talents will go wasted. Their potential to touch and change hearts and minds will be wasted. Our chance to forge a vibrant, three dimensional movement for change in Norfolk will be wasted.

To facilitate such a platform for people’s work, before we discuss anything else I can make these three pledges for a Norwich Radical Film Festival.

  1. No “produced by” date. There are precious few festivals offering radical film-makers an opportunity to screen their work – and so asking for films produced in the last year or so would undoubtedly mean a plethora of brilliant works going to waste, despite most likely still being relevant. If you’re sitting on a cinematic gem, old or new, we want it.
  2. No entrance fee. Film festivals often make a habit of charging nothing short of extortion for the privilege of entering alone – and if you don’t make the cut, they keep the cash. I can categorically state there will be no compulsory fee for entering a film.
  3. No film turned away. As long as the film is in-keeping with the progressive values of the festival, we will find a platform for your film, even if it does not make the shortlist.

It is a sparse foundation I know, but from this, I genuinely believe we can build something spectacular here in Norwich. If you would like to get involved in the early stages of the event, please contact us through the Hollywood Hegemony Facebook or twitter (@HegemonicHog) pages, or via the People’s Assembly email (norfolkpeoplesassembly@mail.com) and we will keep you posted regarding organising meetings and press releases in the coming months.



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