Norwich Radical Film Festival Organising meeting #1 – 01/08/2015

The following are the minutes of the first Norwich Radical Film Festival organising meeting. 16 people showed up, and we had some extremely promising discussions. In the words of one of those attending “if we pull this off it could be huge”, which also makes it sound like we’re planning a heist, so that gives us added cool points. If you’re interested in getting in on the plan, the next meeting will be held on Saturday 22nd August 2015 at 3pm in the Playhouse’s Playroom – for more information email

Organising meeting #1 – 01/08/2015

In attendance: Katy Q, Marion, Andrew, Jan, Silvia, John, Katy D, Jan 2, Ann, Nigel, Thom, Andrew, Tom, Franco, David, Jack

  1. Aims of the festival
    – We aim to give a platform to film-makers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds to tell the stories they feel need telling. That can be in the form of politically oriented documentaries, or more art-house, abstract, or entertaining fiction. It will not only seek to screen films already deemed important in terms of their content, but to give new talent a chance to take up the fight for themselves.
  2. Films – Discussed what kind of films we would be targeting
    – We will screen every film submitted in some capacity, as long as it complies with basic guideline values of festival (Jack will look into other festival guidelines and draft according to this to save reinventing the wheel, and help provide safe space without being exclusionary)
    -Participatory cinema: most interestingly, Tom suggested looking into going into communities and working with people to collectively make films which we might screen. Tom is taking a lead on this.
    – Documentary – obviously we want to give people the chance to directly voice their stories they feel need to be told in their own lives and enable them to raise important real life issues
    – Fiction – it would be a waste not to appeal for comedies, horrors, musicals, etc etc
    – Previously made, both doc and perhaps those with cult following in conjunction with Thom’s suggestions that there are films usually not considered “political” but everything is
  3. Potential dates
    – Decided it might be best to consider a later date than Feb 2015 prev talked about
    – Instead, use Norwich Rad media conf as a launch-pad with a session there of some sort and build from there
    – Near May-day would allow outdoor screenings as better weather, and potential link-up for advertising and possible funding with local Trades Council
    – Was suggested should make sure not to clash with Norwich Film Festival (the plain fest) as would not want to be seen in competition. Jack will follow up when they are operating to avoid this.
  4. Locations
    – Potential locations of Arts Centre/Reindeer to be followed up by Katy D
    – Location of Franks Bar to be investigated by Ann
    – Jan to explore options of using Cinema City’s educational aspects to get a screening there
    – Also suggested was the Undercroft as a venue for a day of rolling screenings to accommodate for the “no film turned away” promise where all the unshortlisted can be screened on loop
  5. Sponsors/Funding
    – Ann to keep track of stream of funding at UEA designed for Postgrads at UEA that could be used for staging events of this nature
    – Katy D to keep an eye on Norfolk Arts bulletin for available funding routes, as well as looking into forms for Unlimited Social Enterprise Fund
    – Donations to be taken at screenings – not admission prices as rights issues would prevent anything else
    – No charge for submissions of new work – it would defy what we are trying to do and discourage many amateur film makers, particularly the communities we are trying to encourage
    – To discuss Kickstarter of equivalent next time, with a view to launching it at launch meeting
    – Tom suggested Lottery or equivalent funding – which can be applied for easily by constitutionalised organisations. Tom is therefore taking a lead to draft a basic constitution and come up with the roles we need for a committee, to be elected after next meeting if possible when ratified – but further discussion on this possible.
  6. Advertising/Web Presence
    – Logo to be designed to give us a stamp with which to build presence. Left with Alex Francis.
    – Website and social networking to be delegated predominantly to Andy, who has web design experience
    – Facebook, Twitter and Gmail to be established for next meeting (although not being pushed until we’re a little more up-and-running), as well as mailing list
  7. Launch event
    – To use a big announcement event around the turn of the year to announce our intentions, complete with a screening and Q+As with some big name
    – To use a series of lower key screenings to keep trickle of interest going in meantime, as Norwich People’s Assembly did
    – To have some form of presence at the Norwich Radical website’s Student Media conference in February, which will really help us build
  8. AOB
    – Potential trip to the Bristol or Liverpool Rad Film Fests in Oct and Nov, to be followed up when we know dates
    – Judges/selection committee – to fall into place after the constitution resolved by Tom
  9. Next meeting
    The next meeting will be held on Saturday 22nd August 2015 at 3pm in the Playhouse’s Playroom

For further information, email


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