Fear the Walking Dead

Beyond hastily constructed concrete walls and vicious barbed wire fences, the tedious humdrum of the ‘safe zone’ is drowned out, by a relentless and chilling noise. They say if you listen long enough your sanity will disintegrate quicker than the crumbling cement, meant as a temporary measure until the government or the army could regain control, now serving as an unwitting coffin. The moans build to a guttural crescendo, as under the cover of a starless night, a shambling horde of filthy, ragged and hungry creatures swarm toward our safe and tranquil existences. The unblinking mass of eyes blacker than the heavens above sees no worth in the world they are about to dismantle; their crooked, rotting teeth gnash in anticipation, soon to dismember a wounded and helpless society beyond the walls gates, and their still, unbeating hearts have long grown cold to the pleas of normality. The end is inevitable. Our way of life is about to end.

Sound familiar?

2015 has been another chapter in what had been a decade of political turmoil and social unrest. The causes have been diverse and the flashpoints variable, but for every crisis, for every regime or government under pressure from below, there has been one stock response that unites the elites of every nation and continent across the globe. The problems of the world are blamed not on the economic or political systems that caused them, but on a poverty-stricken minority, who are caricatured as a monstrous other, against whom the ruling class can consolidate power.

In 2013 I made a film condemning World War Z for it’s depiction of the poor of the world as the faceless and evil swarm, particularly in it’s fictional legitimization of the occupation of Palestine. This year another zombie franchise has used zombies and walls to a completely different end. This year we learned not to Fear the Walking Dead.

Enjoy both films, linked above and below. Happy halloween, chaps.


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