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This blog is always open to new contributors. If you have a piece of film or television news you want to talk about, a review, analysis or essay you want to share with the world, or even if you have an indy film of your own you’d like to show off, we want to hear from you!



You can find Hollywood Hegemony on Twitter as @HegemonicHog or through our Facebook like page. Or anywhere injustice goes unchallenged…

Alternatively, if you have an article, review or analysis you’d like shared, you can cut out the middle-man and send it direct to the editor’s email:



2 thoughts on “Contact and Contribute

  1. Hey,

    I’m making a documentary about the dangers of a third world war and wondered if I could use part of the Neil Faulkner interview on Norwich Peoples Assembly’s Youtube account? I would gladly credit Jack Brindelli as the interviewer in the end credits. Thanks in advance.

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