Horror Cuts: The Whole Trilogy (Plus Extras)

It’s the first Halloween in 4 years I haven’t released a new film – and while that fills me with a deep sadness, we can still enjoy the good times we had, right?
So, make the most of your Monday-night Halloween, put your feet up, ignore the ringing at the door, the thumping of eggs on glass, and the… unnerving feeling of being watched… and enjoy the WHOLE Horror Cuts trilogy along with the 2 “special features” I produced after. Enjoy. Or at least, try not to scream too loud. -JB

Dead Labour and Dark Shadows (2012)

Dawn of the Red (2013)

Witches and Bitches (2014)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (2014)

The Wretched of the Earth (2015)

The Walking Dead

In an article originally published on his own blog, Alex Hort-Francis examines the politics of The Walking Dead, and considers why, even in a post-apocalyptic society, we find it so hard to imagine a world without capitalism…


The author is a PDS suffer himself, and a keen advocate for undead rights…

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Dawn of the Red

Should the virus be transmitted by bites? Do the undead eat animals? Can zombies run? None of these trivial debates will be answered here.
This Halloween, Jack Brindelli and friends take a fresh look at a rotten genre, examining the surprisingly political medium of the zombie film.
Strap yourselves in for thrills, spills and gore galore – and you never know you might even learn something along the way…

Now endorsed by In The Flesh creator Dominic Mitchell!

A good horror film leaves you checking over your shoulder after it's over.

A good horror film leaves you checking over your shoulder after it’s over.