Take 2 on Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Take 2, a collective of two American cinema lovers, first surfaced on Hollywood Hegemony to deliver a film-by-film analysis of the Oscar Shorts nominees earlier this year. Now, Amy Peterson and Diana Nakelski are back with Volume 2 of their movie review segment. 



Rating:  Close, but no ciggy

Let’s start off by establishing that the movie is worth seeing.  Especially if you are a die-hard Chris Pratt fan, or in any way a fan of muscles in tight T-shirts.  The characters blossom a bit more in this sequel, and the relationship dynamics are maintained solidly.  However, that’s where some of the problem with the writing begins.  The character’s are fairly predictable–Rocket steals some shit he shouldn’t, Drax takes everything quite literally, Gamora is angry for no reason, and Groot is a stage-hog—with one deviation: Peter Quill now has daddy issues instead of mommy issues. Continue reading


The Best and Worst Films of 2014… that I didn’t review

Definitive best and worst lists are so impossibly selective, and rely on a reviewer seeing literally everything in order to be credible. This is not that. Instead, in order to celebrate the New Year, and do away with the old, Jack Brindelli presents the 3 best and worst films he saw but never reviewed last year, and 2 that he did for good measure. And what a collection it is – 2014 was a cracker. Roll on 2015…

Three of the best.

Calvary – If you like your comedy blacker than a priest’s shirt then this little gem from the emerald isle is just what the doctor ordered. Along with long anecdotes about paralysed children. John Michael McDonagh’s follow up to the smash hit The Guard (Ireland’s all time highest grossing film to date) tackles attempted suicide of various kinds, domestic abuse, and the catalogue of sexual assaults by paedophile priests on the children of Ireland. Continue reading