A cinema worth fighting for: Let’s build a Norwich Radical Film Festival

So our film, Witches and Bitches has been shortlisted at the annual Small Axe Radical Film Festival at Tolpuddle this weekend, meaning for a second year in a row, Hollywood Hegemony will be represented at their screenings. That’s the good news. The bad news, is that for a second year in a row, I will be unable to attend thanks to work commitments. Now I know what you’re all thinking, “poor Jack, he must be devastated, we should probably buy him presents to cheer him up,” but the truth is you needn’t bother… well, maybe you can bother with the presents – but don’t worry about me. You see I feel it’s where I’m supposed to be.

Who doesn't love being crushed by the machine?

Who doesn’t love being crushed by the machine?

Sure, making films is good for a laugh – but really, serving people over-priced coffee and renewing their car insurance is my passion. My calling. Nothing gets me going in the morning like the smell of weak macchiato and the intoxicating click of a thousand computer-mice applying no claims discount to the thankless swinish multitude. No really… really… Continue reading

Witching and Bitching at the General Election

As the women who have changed the face of this general election for the better face increasing heat, Jack Brindelli revisits our very own film Witches and Bitches.

So, the election debates have been turned on their head by three women promising to give radical anti-cuts politics at Westminster. Last night, the BBC played host to… nearly all the major players in this election, with David Cameron conspicuous in his absense, and Nick Clegg characteristic in his. But whilst Clegg was busy drunkenly texting threats to Miliband’s PA from a pub somewhere in Ecclesall (seriously, that happened), the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party were kicking arse and taking names against a suited male elite seemingly unwilling, as well as incapable, of defending itself. And for some reason there are now large swathes of men all over the internet’s perpetually jerking knee, Twitter, comparing Nicola Sturgeon, Natalie Bennett and Leanne Wood to certain pointy-hatted, broom-riding mythical beings… Continue reading

Don’t Marry Him, Fund Me

It used to be that the internet was heralded as a revolutionary breakthrough in communications. It would finally provide a universal platform for amateur creativity, and we could expect a golden age of independent production. The voice of the little guy was finally to be boomed about the globe – at least, that’s what internetters somewhat self-importantly promised it would… However, thanks to a certain lovelorn garden-gnome from Norwich, it has become painfully clear that – somewhat characteristically – the internet could not live up to it’s own hype.

still running the world

“…that the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top? Well I say shit floats.”

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Fundraiser 2015

It’s a whole new year and we have an exciting announcement! Change is coming to Hollywood Hegemony – but we need your help to do it. Our appeal for funds lasts until next month, please give generously! There’s a whole host of special prizes for those who do! For more information, and links to the fundraising page, please see below.

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Check out “Still In Chains” on the Norwich Film Fest Blog

I’ve written a 1500 word feature on the amazing “12 Years a Slave”, and the Hollywood white-washing on slavery that dominates the rest of the industry. I’ve been working on material regarding this subject for over a year now, hopefully it does such an important issue justice. You can see the whole article on the Norwich Film Festival blog by clicking the linked sample-text below.

There are few crimes in human history that are as sickening, depraved and loathsome as slavery. Countless millions lived, worked and died in bondage, generation after generation. Over 150 years after its abolition in the United States, its poisonous legacy can still be felt – even with a black President impotently pontificating from the Whitehouse, like so many white men before him. Why then, is a subject that has affected so many lives, so difficult for American film-makers to address adequately?

There is, it seems, something about the subject that simply doesn’t fit with the grand ideological narrative modern Hollywood is accustomed to. The contradiction in terms of the land of individual liberty being built on the bloodied, scarred backs of millions in bondage seems to flummox even the most well-heeled auteur.  For decades US cinema has wrestled unsuccessfully with the issue, and has usually fallen back on two staple responses. The choice is traditionally between a complete air-brushing (best exemplified by the Western genre); or a mawkish faux-history that milks liberal guilt during award season – which I shall here name ‘The Spielberg technique’.

And a Happy New Year

A whole year old already – Hollywood Hegemony wishes all of it’s readers the happiest of new years! And as a special present to help celebrate, here’s a film we actually made ourselves – analysing video games in the same way as Hollywood. The only problem is, with something this good kick-starting 2014, it can only be downhill from here…

Now as seen on the Counterfire website. http://www.counterfire.org/index.php/articles/opinion/16891-video-virtual-ideology

Why Now? The Importance of Carrie 2013

From the slut-walk movement to anti-rape protests in India, to the cover up of an alleged rape by a UK socialist party, the subjugation of women clearly remains one of the deepest rifts in society. In the wake of scandals, protests and movements, film needed a hero to reflect the fight against oppression and sexism. In 2013 one emerged from an unexpected place. Enter the revived figure of “villain” Carrie White in Kimberley Pierce’s thought-provoking remake.

Shot for shot, but something has changed…

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