Norwich Radical Film Festival presents: “The Red Umbrella Diaries”


For the first time, the Norwich Radical Film Festival is proud to present a new release as part of it’s monthly screening series. This is an East Anglian première of a radical new film that gives a voice to people often ignored by society; sex-workers. It has been short-listed at festivals New York, Portland and London – and we are proud to bring it to Norwich’s Forum Auditorium on the 18th of May at 7pm.

“The Red Umbrella Diaries” is a feature documentary directed by David Kornfield that tells the personal stories of seven diverse New Yorkers who work in different sectors of the sex trade and come together to tell their tales on stage at Joes Pub. The story-lines explore the question: what happens if people ignored by the mainstream media take control of their own stories, and how they are presented to the world?

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Norwich Radical Film Festival Organising meeting #1 – 01/08/2015

The following are the minutes of the first Norwich Radical Film Festival organising meeting. 16 people showed up, and we had some extremely promising discussions. In the words of one of those attending “if we pull this off it could be huge”, which also makes it sound like we’re planning a heist, so that gives us added cool points. If you’re interested in getting in on the plan, the next meeting will be held on Saturday 22nd August 2015 at 3pm in the Playhouse’s Playroom – for more information email

Organising meeting #1 – 01/08/2015

In attendance: Katy Q, Marion, Andrew, Jan, Silvia, John, Katy D, Jan 2, Ann, Nigel, Thom, Andrew, Tom, Franco, David, Jack

  1. Aims of the festival
    – We aim to give a platform to film-makers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds to tell the stories they feel need telling. That can be in the form of politically oriented documentaries, or more art-house, abstract, or entertaining fiction. It will not only seek to screen films already deemed important in terms of their content, but to give new talent a chance to take up the fight for themselves.
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