Horror Cuts: The Whole Trilogy (Plus Extras)

It’s the first Halloween in 4 years I haven’t released a new film – and while that fills me with a deep sadness, we can still enjoy the good times we had, right?
So, make the most of your Monday-night Halloween, put your feet up, ignore the ringing at the door, the thumping of eggs on glass, and the… unnerving feeling of being watched… and enjoy the WHOLE Horror Cuts trilogy along with the 2 “special features” I produced after. Enjoy. Or at least, try not to scream too loud. -JB

Dead Labour and Dark Shadows (2012)

Dawn of the Red (2013)

Witches and Bitches (2014)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (2014)

The Wretched of the Earth (2015)

“As God As My Witness, He’s Broken in Half!” or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wrestling

Is there more to professional wrestling than perhaps we think? Recent convert and Macho Madness Syndrome sufferer Adam Hofmeister gives us his thoughts on the joy of staged violence and whether it deserves its low status.


It is impossible to deny that violence is a fundamental part of human existence. Every culture has been formed on it and attempted to understand and represent it via artistic expression, whether it’s through the horrific paintings of Goya, the bloody plays of William Shakespeare, or any of the depictions of scenes from the Bible. But enough about all that angsty, teenage nonsense; I’m going to talk about wrestling. Continue reading

No One Is Born Hating

As the great man’s life draws inevitably to a close, the war for Mandela’s legacy looks set to be an ugly one. Amongst his countrymen, his party and even his family a war seems set to be waged over burial rights, not to mention his ideological heir-ship  Likewise, there seems to be something of a struggle going on over Mandela’s meaning in Hollywood – and with a new adaptation of his 1994 autobiography due for release in January, interpreting the former South African President’s life narrative will undoubtedly continue beyond his final days. As some of you might be aware, the teaser trailer for Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom was released this week – if you haven’t had chance, have a look now. 

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