The Lion King Live Action: 5 things we know so far…

OMG! I CAN’T EVEN. THIS IS EVERYTHING. So it’s official, The Lion King is getting a live action remake – and Hollywood Hegemony is here to confirm everything you need to know about this amazing cinematic re-imagining. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, #amIright? So in honour of the various Buzzfeed-type sites currently pandering to the swarm of salivating millennials already congregating outside Vue in anticipation, here’s a listicle – since that’s all you people seem to understand – telling you all about it.

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Simba and Donald Glover. Can’t even tell them apart. Perfect casting.

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Movies That Attempted to Make a Difference

On Sunday the 14th of June, Sunday Assembly Norwich – an organisation who live according to the motto “Live better, help often, wonder more”, will be hosting an event examining the golden moments where film has shaped our feelings and lives. The Assembly will be hosted by Cinema City lecturer Nigel Herwin, and he has also written us a marvellous run-down of his favourite movies that tried to “make a difference.” 

There are plenty of political movies.  I could write a long list of all the films featuring American Presidents, from biopics (Nixon) to fictional (Dave), but that would get really tedious.  Equally, another list could be compiled about films which feature trade unions, ranging from positive depictions (Made in Dagenham) to negative (Carry On At Your Convenience – a film which managed to insult the series’ core audience!).  Again, this could get a bit tedious…

What’s more interesting are the movies that attempted to make a difference: the films that make you leave the cinema pumped up and ready to change the world, or, at the very least, applauding what you’ve just seen.  Here’s a list of ten films that tried to make the world a better place.  Not all of them are overtly political, and they all had varying degrees of success in what they tried to do, but all are well worth a watch.  (I should add that the following are all personal choices, so apologies for any obvious omissions!) Continue reading

The Best and Worst Films of 2014… that I didn’t review

Definitive best and worst lists are so impossibly selective, and rely on a reviewer seeing literally everything in order to be credible. This is not that. Instead, in order to celebrate the New Year, and do away with the old, Jack Brindelli presents the 3 best and worst films he saw but never reviewed last year, and 2 that he did for good measure. And what a collection it is – 2014 was a cracker. Roll on 2015…

Three of the best.

Calvary – If you like your comedy blacker than a priest’s shirt then this little gem from the emerald isle is just what the doctor ordered. Along with long anecdotes about paralysed children. John Michael McDonagh’s follow up to the smash hit The Guard (Ireland’s all time highest grossing film to date) tackles attempted suicide of various kinds, domestic abuse, and the catalogue of sexual assaults by paedophile priests on the children of Ireland. Continue reading