Check Out “The Song of the Shirt” via Auteuse Theory

I first wrote for Auteuse Theory (a blog about female film-makers) a few months ago about a DVD that cost £200 a pop. For my second article, I went all the way to London to bring back word of a forgotten gem, Sue Clayton’s The Song of the Shirt (1979). Ain’t I just the most committed film-nut ever? You can read the full article (and all the other great stuff on there) by clicking the linked extract below:

At first glance, The Song of the Shirt is hard to enjoy. The opening consists of migraine-inducing overlapping texts; squawking free-form clarinets, and jumbled quick-fire quotes. It seems initially that this attempt to deconstruct the grand narratives of liberal history, and reform the component parts into a radical critique, lacks any kind of structural coherence. However, it soon emerges that this actually a brilliant foreshadowing of the structure of the film. Eventually, out of the chaos comes a beautifully orchestrated profundity.