Horror Cuts: The Whole Trilogy (Plus Extras)

It’s the first Halloween in 4 years I haven’t released a new film – and while that fills me with a deep sadness, we can still enjoy the good times we had, right?
So, make the most of your Monday-night Halloween, put your feet up, ignore the ringing at the door, the thumping of eggs on glass, and the… unnerving feeling of being watched… and enjoy the WHOLE Horror Cuts trilogy along with the 2 “special features” I produced after. Enjoy. Or at least, try not to scream too loud. -JB

Dead Labour and Dark Shadows (2012)

Dawn of the Red (2013)

Witches and Bitches (2014)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (2014)

The Wretched of the Earth (2015)

Vampire Capitalism

An article I wrote for Norwich-based film booklet Cell Magazine on pages 3 and 4 can be found in this pdf: cell+issue+one+online+edition.

However, I had so much fun writing it, I also made it into a sketch-filled video for Youtube. So the choice of which to look through is yours.

Vampire’s Kiss

Bad fangs happen on Wall Street as Adam Hofmeister considers Vampire’s Kiss in detail.


Released: 1989
Running time: 103 minutes
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Marie Conchita Alonso, Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Ashley
Plot: Peter Loew (Cage) is a successful literary agent in New York who slowly begins to believe he is turning into a vampire after a one night stand with Rachel (Beals). His mental collapse accompanies his wretched abuse of his secretary (Alonso) and his wild rants to his psychiatrist (Ashley). Continue reading