A Seismic Shift – the ideology of survival in San Andreas

For years, one of the greatest forces in the box-office at summer time has been the force of nature itself. Now, Jack Brindelli explores the shifting reflections of elitist ideology in the genre’s latest smash-hit San Andreas (2015).

it doesnt matter

Even earthquakes don’t move The Rock.

For decades, artistic imaginings of the apocalypse, and humanity’s relationship to it have dominated summer cinema. Whilst the genre might be much maligned as being overly simplistic, unimaginative, and light on story, the disaster epic is often a signifier for the Hollywood elite’s perception of sea-changes in the global political climate. On the geo-political level, we can see this point emphasised by the career of Roland Emmerich – who continues to exemplify the genre with Independence Day 2 due next year – as the response to each crisis morphs along with popular preconceptions about US hegemony. Continue reading


The dialectics between fist and face: An examination of wrestling and ideology

After editor Jack Brindelli’s Bray Wyatt article published in the Norwich Radical, writers seem to have treated it as a “want some, come get some” open challenge in the pages of Hollywood Hegemony. The most recent, and extensive of these, comes two days before an “Elimination Chamber” pay-per-view – in which individuals inescapably collide amidst an “evil structure” of steel – places ideology, wrestling, and academia in a frantic cage of pain, and forces them to face one-another. In the article that follows, Charlie Giggle makes what can only be described as a landmark contribution to the academic side of the WWE-culture-debate, not equalled since Barthes himself. 



The relationship between academia and professional wrestling is not complicated. There isn’t one. There have been brief forays (MIT courses, passing mentions of Brecht on documentaries trying to excuse their subject matter in the overture, or whatever the starting bit is referred to) but the lack of communication between people wanting to take it seriously has lead to three depressingly solipsistic basic themes of analysis, and all of them represent propaganda about the subject at large in their own right more so than actual descriptions of what is happening when we watch a wrestling show. I understand that I am not doing anything astonishingly radical in accusing academia of disappearing up it’s own backside, but I’m also suggesting something more like a bizarre good cop/bad cop routine wherein the officers have argued so hard-headedly that they’ve lost track of the criminal and he’s already escaped through an air vent. Continue reading

I am become the eater of worlds: Bray Wyatt, Undertaker and the American Nightmare

Tonight, one of the world’s theatrical highlights will grace the screens of millions across the globe. It’s Wrestlemania. And in the spirit, even we at Hollywood Hegemony are having a #ManiaMoment – first of all with a gloriously fake feud between two of our contributors…

And then with the article that our own Jack Brindelli submitted to The Norwich Radical – a sample of which you can find, along with a link to the full article, below. 

Wrestlemania is here – and I have a challenge for you. I dare you to watch. I literally dare you. Yes, that’s right, WWE, ‘make-believe fighting’ if you really must label it that, where grown men and women play-fight on television for the entertainment of billions worldwide. “But Jack,” I hear you cry, “You’re a culture writer for the Norwich Radical! Surely you know better than to revel in suchuncultured pastimes?!” Continue reading