A Pervert’s Guide to ‘The Lion King’ by Slavoj Zizek… ish (Dec 2011)

A mock-article I wrote when my media studies covered psycho-analysis in cinema. Still rather enjoy tormenting fans of Disney with this now…

A leaked extract from Slavoj Zizek’s new book “How to make love and alienate people”, available in all strange book-stores in the New Year.

Even in a children’s film seemingly innocent as The Lion King exhibits examples in which psychoanalysis can be used to analyse a singular film. Consider the Oedipus complex (named after the ancient Greek play by Sophocles where Oedipus unknowingly murdered his father and married his mother) Freud theorised about. In the early years of its life, a young boy often has an extraordinarily close relationship with its mother; it essentially loves its maternal figure, to the extent it develops a sexual interest. Continue reading