Horror Cuts: The Whole Trilogy (Plus Extras)

It’s the first Halloween in 4 years I haven’t released a new film – and while that fills me with a deep sadness, we can still enjoy the good times we had, right?
So, make the most of your Monday-night Halloween, put your feet up, ignore the ringing at the door, the thumping of eggs on glass, and the… unnerving feeling of being watched… and enjoy the WHOLE Horror Cuts trilogy along with the 2 “special features” I produced after. Enjoy. Or at least, try not to scream too loud. -JB

Dead Labour and Dark Shadows (2012)

Dawn of the Red (2013)

Witches and Bitches (2014)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (2014)

The Wretched of the Earth (2015)


Twas the night before Christmas…

IT’S JUST ONE HOUR UNTIL THE DAY ITSELF. We at Hollywood Hegemony hope that your stockings are crammed with goodies. But if it’s coal then at least you’ll have this Christmas gem to wake up to; our very own ‘analysis’ of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. So, merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nightmare.

Fear the Walking Dead

Beyond hastily constructed concrete walls and vicious barbed wire fences, the tedious humdrum of the ‘safe zone’ is drowned out, by a relentless and chilling noise. They say if you listen long enough your sanity will disintegrate quicker than the crumbling cement, meant as a temporary measure until the government or the army could regain control, now serving as an unwitting coffin. Continue reading

The True Little Tramp

Well here it is, the film that took over 3 months to finish is finally here, and not too shabby even if we say so. 

In February 1914, amongst economic turmoil and international conflict, Charlie Chaplin first tumbled onto screens as the Little Tramp. 100 years later, with homelessness rising, massive cuts to social security, and another government on the war-path, Jack Brindelli and friends consider what the Tramp’s legacy tells us about modern times. Enjoy – and please share as widely as possible.

And a Happy New Year

A whole year old already – Hollywood Hegemony wishes all of it’s readers the happiest of new years! And as a special present to help celebrate, here’s a film we actually made ourselves – analysing video games in the same way as Hollywood. The only problem is, with something this good kick-starting 2014, it can only be downhill from here…

Now as seen on the Counterfire website. http://www.counterfire.org/index.php/articles/opinion/16891-video-virtual-ideology

Dawn of the Red

Should the virus be transmitted by bites? Do the undead eat animals? Can zombies run? None of these trivial debates will be answered here.
This Halloween, Jack Brindelli and friends take a fresh look at a rotten genre, examining the surprisingly political medium of the zombie film.
Strap yourselves in for thrills, spills and gore galore – and you never know you might even learn something along the way…

Now endorsed by In The Flesh creator Dominic Mitchell!

A good horror film leaves you checking over your shoulder after it's over.

A good horror film leaves you checking over your shoulder after it’s over.