About Us

Established in 2012, Hollywood Hegemony is a blog devoted first and foremost to films. We review, analyse and critique anything and everything, from amateur short films to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters – there is no subject too big or too small for us. That’s because, central to our project is our commitment to “Reading between the frames to give you the bigger picture.”

Ideology is everywhere, it permeates every institution and aspect of our lives – often going unnoticed, or perceived as ‘common sense’. By ‘reading between the frames’, we mean exposing and examining those ideological preconceptions and norms the film industry reproduce as ‘normality’, and consider how that effects the content that millions of people know and love – the movies themselves.

We’re not just about writing though (though if you are interested, here’s how to get involved). We have also produced cartoons (such as this prediction of philosopher Slavoj Zizek thoughts on Robin Thicke), used our social media presence to support campaigns like the Ritzy cinema workers strike, and created a number of fine films over the past few years. These include The True Little Tramp, a documentary on Charlie Chaplin which was selected for the Small Axe Film Festival, and Witches and Bitches, which examined gender roles in horror cinema.

In March 2017 we will begin recruiting new writers to take the project to the next level. Stay tuned.

the avengers

A very early example of our work from 2012… don’t judge.



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