Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)

Has teenage angst paid off well, or is it bored and old? Adam Hofmeister takes a look at a very different and very powerful documentary.


I was only four years old when Kurt Cobain ended his life, but it wasn’t until I was fifteen that I discovered the music of Nirvana. During a time in which my depression and anxiety were just beginning to take over my life, Cobain’s music provided a voice to channel those demons away from myself. His music took away some of the pain, and opened me up to a wider world of sound. Continue reading

Even Darkness Must Pass

After Thursday’s results confirmed a majority Conservative government for the next five years, we could all use a little Samwise in our lives. We are living through dark times – but even against seemingly hopeless odds, we can crawl our way back into the light. Stay strong for each other, folks – there’s still some good in the world, and it’s worth fighting for. -JB

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“As God As My Witness, He’s Broken in Half!” or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wrestling

Is there more to professional wrestling than perhaps we think? Recent convert and Macho Madness Syndrome sufferer Adam Hofmeister gives us his thoughts on the joy of staged violence and whether it deserves its low status.


It is impossible to deny that violence is a fundamental part of human existence. Every culture has been formed on it and attempted to understand and represent it via artistic expression, whether it’s through the horrific paintings of Goya, the bloody plays of William Shakespeare, or any of the depictions of scenes from the Bible. But enough about all that angsty, teenage nonsense; I’m going to talk about wrestling. Continue reading

Avengers: Age of Repetitive Strain

As the Avengers once again look set to storm the box office, and as word of mouth continues to extol the virtues of the franchise, tireless contrarian Jack Brindelli gives Hollywood Hegemony a very different view.


Let’s start this review by getting out what sadly most will see as my most controversial opinion regarding Avengers: Age of Ultron; it was not worth the £9.20 I paid to get in. Marvel’s shtick has worn thin, and like the last drops of store-brand margarine being scraped across a stale loaf long past its use-by date this is a deeply unfulfilling slog that continuously triggers your gag-reflex on the way down. I would not recommend that to anyone. So, now that we’ve got that nasty formality out of the way, let’s look at just where it all went wrong.

The bitter truth is that the Marvel franchises no longer work as stand-alone films. That is not to say films should not attempt to tell stories that go beyond a single 90 minute catchment; but look at the original Star Wars trilogy and you’ll see what I mean. As a child, the first I remember seeing was actually Episode V – the middle film – but it still made sense as an independent package, without knowing anything about the previous film, or needing to know what would happen in the end of the third. More or less, this is probably true of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy too. It is not true of Marvel films – which are only capable of functioning within a tedious context of endless introductions. Continue reading

Get excited, get involved

Hollywood Hegemony is approaching its fourth anniversary, and with the status of the project growing day by day, the time is finally right to try and expand. For the past three years, we have produced films and penned articles which have been viewed by thousands of people across the world (seriously, about a half of our readership comes from overseas); we’ve been featured at film festivals, local screenings, and on one occasion a national newspaper.


Over the first quarter of 2015, we have received more hits than we did in the entirety of last year – thanks in no small part to the contributions of exciting new writers to the project; but if we want to do more than simply tread water, we must work even harder to provide new writers and film-makers with an exciting platform to showcase their talent, and to supply readers with intriguing and insightful content to keep them glued to our page. In May, we will begin an expansion of our operations, as well as a restructuring of our editorial and technological apparatus.

That means expanding our editorial team from one to three, that means bringing in a website designer to revitalise and improve our page, and ultimately that means bringing in new writers, to work to regular schedules to increase Hollywood Hegemony’s reach and profile far beyond the hobby blog that it began as. That means we need you to help us take the project to the next level. As of today, Hollywood Hegemony will be taking submissions for all of the positions mentioned above.

Expect more details to follow regarding the application process – but for now, please contact Jack Brindelli with any queries at jbrindelli@gmail.com.

Witching and Bitching at the General Election

As the women who have changed the face of this general election for the better face increasing heat, Jack Brindelli revisits our very own film Witches and Bitches.

So, the election debates have been turned on their head by three women promising to give radical anti-cuts politics at Westminster. Last night, the BBC played host to… nearly all the major players in this election, with David Cameron conspicuous in his absense, and Nick Clegg characteristic in his. But whilst Clegg was busy drunkenly texting threats to Miliband’s PA from a pub somewhere in Ecclesall (seriously, that happened), the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party were kicking arse and taking names against a suited male elite seemingly unwilling, as well as incapable, of defending itself. And for some reason there are now large swathes of men all over the internet’s perpetually jerking knee, Twitter, comparing Nicola Sturgeon, Natalie Bennett and Leanne Wood to certain pointy-hatted, broom-riding mythical beings… Continue reading

I am become the eater of worlds: Bray Wyatt, Undertaker and the American Nightmare

Tonight, one of the world’s theatrical highlights will grace the screens of millions across the globe. It’s Wrestlemania. And in the spirit, even we at Hollywood Hegemony are having a #ManiaMoment – first of all with a gloriously fake feud between two of our contributors…

And then with the article that our own Jack Brindelli submitted to The Norwich Radical – a sample of which you can find, along with a link to the full article, below. 

Wrestlemania is here – and I have a challenge for you. I dare you to watch. I literally dare you. Yes, that’s right, WWE, ‘make-believe fighting’ if you really must label it that, where grown men and women play-fight on television for the entertainment of billions worldwide. “But Jack,” I hear you cry, “You’re a culture writer for the Norwich Radical! Surely you know better than to revel in suchuncultured pastimes?!” Continue reading